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Pure Organic And Tasty Millets

There is growing awareness of the depletion of nutrition in our foods and the desire to add nourishment to our everyday food. Our Vision is to participate in initiatives that are aimed to provide sustainable livelihoods by providing  high quality products, which are Eco friendly and Organic in nature. By sourcing only Organic, Natural and Eco Friendly products, we are trying to give our bit to save our environment for our next generation and at the same time helping people lead a healthy life.

Our Vision

Only Millet was founded to bridge the gap in nutrition and reconnect us to foods that sustain and nourish us.

Organic Millets

Pioneers in organic and nutritional foods, we believe that responsible, intelligent food choices have a positive impact.

Fresh Delivery

Our products come from farming & processing methods that are ecologically mindful, we believe that foods that truly nourish us without harming us.

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Our Testimonials

I have been a patron of OnlyMillet products ever since they started and were trying to introduce new varieties of dishes. They are healthy, tasty, value for money and convenient.

Shreya Menon

The concept is mind blowing, a wide array to choose from. Each millets beats the other when it comes to taste. I was blown off eating such tasty millet and healthy rich in food.

Shradha Nair

I've been wanting to add millets to my family's daily diet and didn't know where to start. Thanks to OnlyMillet, I now have an easy and tasty way to give my family millets everyday.

Aarushi Chettiar

Live organic for live healthy